Mogao Grottoes
- Cave 103

Mogao Grottoes Cave 103 High Tang Dynasty(A.D.713-766)

This cave, constructed in the High Tang and renovated in the Qing dynasty, has a truncated pyramidal ceiling and a niche in the west wall. The ceiling center of the main chamber is a design of a large medallion surrounded by different decorative borders, one after another, of the connected pearls, half medallion, scales, and draperies. The four slopes are covered with the thousand Buddha motifs. The west niche which has a flat ceiling contains a central Buddha made in the Tang dynasty, renovated in the Qing dynasty, two disciples reshaped in the Qing dynasty, and two bodhisattvas repainted in the Qing dynasty. Most of the ceiling of the niche is damaged. The north and south sides of the niche each depict a bodhisattva. There is a platform made of adobe on either side out of the niche, on which stands a bodhisattva of the Qing dynasty. The east wall is covered with an illustration of Vimalakirti sutra, which consists of three scenes in the form of the Chinese character "品". The space above the entrance in the east wall illustrates the contents of the Chapter of Buddhist Paradise, the south side deals with the Vimakakirti sutra illustration and the Chapter on the Expediency, and the north side with the scene of Manjusri and the kings, princes and ministers from various peoples and kingdoms. The lower part of the picture is blurred. The north wall is devoted to an illustration of the Amitayus sutra with two side scenes, in which the lower part is lost. The south wall depicts the Lotus sutra illustration, also with two side scenes illustrating the Fables of the Magic City, and the lower part is lost. On the north side of entrance of the west wall in the front chamber are traces of most part of the heavenly kings. The south wall is numbered as Cave 105, while the north as Cave 104. There is an image of Kistigabha on the south wall and an image of Vaisravana on the north wall of the corridor, partly blurred.



Mogao Grottoes Cave 103
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